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Fall Sports Awards

December 22, 2023
By Declan Thomas

Like the beginning of this school year, fall sports seemed to fly by. Last Monday at the Fall Sports Banquet, Chelsea recognized all nine teams spanning from grades 4-12 in three sports: girls volleyball, boys soccer, and cross country. Each team made remarkable progress and had memorable season highlights, and each student athlete admirably represented the school, whether in local tournaments or state championships. Congratulations to all of our athletes and a huge thank you to the fans, parents, and especially coaches for their dedication to the athletic programs!

The team awards and season highlights are listed below:

Varsity Volleyball
Coach: Mrs. Becky Barvick 
Most Valuable Player: Greta Barvick 
St. Joan of Arc: Monica Lee 
Most Improved: Olivia Zepeda 
Highlights: the team boasted a 21-5 record and were runners-up for both conference and state tournaments. Two girls made first team all state and one made second team!

Varsity Cross Country
Coach: Miss Samantha Libasci 
Most Valuable Player: Gretchen Klubertanz 
Lionheart: Landon Barnett
St. Joan of Arc: Stevie Klubertanz 
Most Improved: Peter Cuddeback 
Highlights: Bryson Barnett was state champ by over 30 seconds. Landon Barnett, Stevie Klubertanz, and Eileen Peppiat received all-state honors. The girls team placed first in their conference and fifth in state!

Varsity Soccer
Coach: Mr. Jacob Guttierrez
Most Valuable Player: Vito Scotto di Clemente 
Lionheart: Paul Beasley 
Most Improved: Joseph Nolan 
Highlights: A fairly young and inexperienced team, the boys made it to the conference semifinals. The team they beat in the quarterfinals had beat the eventual conference champions earlier in the season.

Junior Varsity Volleyball
Coach: Mr. Josh Petersen 
Most Valuable Player: Marya Klassen 
Joan of Arc: Simone Lash 
Most Improved: Annabelle Kotulski 
Highlights: The girls were runners up in both of their tournaments.

Middle School Volleyball
Coach: Mrs. Mary Wingate 
Most Valuable Player: Malta Klassen 
St. Joan of Arc: Veronica Barvick 
Most Improved: Miriam Guttierrez 
Highlights: A team of mostly 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, one 7th grader, and one 8th grader, the girls mostly played teams stacked with 7th and 8th graders. In spite of this, they finished the season with a record of 19-3, and won second place in their conference in a 33-31 second set loss to Providence Academy.

Middle School Cross Country 
Coach: Mrs. Danielle Reeves
Most Valuable Player: Joseph Dejak 
Lionheart: Sam Barklage 
St. Joan of Arc: Elizabeth Lynch 
Most Improved: Katrina McFadden
Highlights: Everyone was able to complete a two mile run. In the conference championship meet, Joseph Dejak obtained 3rd place and every runner achieved a new personal record.

Middle School Soccer
Coach: Mr. Greg Lynch 
Most Valuable Player: Matthew Lee 
Lionheart: Frankie McCarthy 
Most Improved: Issac Fier 
Highlights: At the beginning of the season, the boys lost to Fairfax Homeschool 6-0, but they beat the same team 5-2 in the conference tournament. 

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Fall Sports Recap

December 14, 2022
By Patrick Philbin, Sports Reporter; Jude Lagarde, Editor

Chelsea Academy’s coaches, parents, and players gathered on Tuesday, November 15, for the annual Fall Sports Award ceremony. The progress made by the teams during the season and the accomplishments of outstanding players were highlighted. Congratulations to all of our student-athletes this fall for a successful and incredible season across the board!

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Coached by: Becky Barvick

Highlights: The team, once again, had a highly successful season, making it to the VISAA Division III Semi-Final for the second year in a row. Chelsea became conference champions after sweeping Virginia Academy in three sets. For many, the highlight of the season was beating Paul VI Catholic High School in five sets. Greta Barvick was chosen for 1st team all-state and Cici Wingate was chosen for 2nd team all-state.

MVP: Greta Barvick
Most Improved: Olivia Zepeda
Joan of Arc: Cici Wingate

JV Volleyball

Coached by: Chris VanderWoude

Highlights: The JV girls had a breakout season this year, fishing with a winning record, and reaching the semi-finals in both of their conferences, the SCC and NVIAC conferences. One notable moment was taking St. Johns to 5 sets despite one of their all-around players, Simone Lash, being injured.

MVP: Marya Klassen
Most Improved: Annabelle Kotulski
Joan of Arc: Simone Lash

MS Volleyball

Coached by: Mary Wingate

Highlights: The Middle School volleyball team won their conference, thanks to a thrilling victory in the championship round of the SCC tournaments. Against the highly talented Virginia Academy, Chelsea came tantalizingly close to winning, falling a mere two points short. The win against St. Johns was one of the most defining moments of the season for the girls.

MVP: Charlotte and Veronica Barvick
Most Improved: Beatrice Lyons
Joan of Arc: Pilar Smith

Varsity Boys Soccer

Coached by: Declan Lundt, assisted by Tyler Goerl

Highlights: The Varsity Soccer team showed development and success, finishing with a 10-4-3 record. Vito Scotto di Clemente led the team in scoring with a total of 20 goals. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the season was beating the eventual NVIAC Champions, Immanuel Christian, 5-0 on Chelsea's senior night.  

MVP: Vito Scotto di Clemente
Most Improved: Andre Lagarde
Lionheart: Chris Benyo

MS Boys Soccer

Coached by: Jacob Guittierrez

Highlights: The Middle School boys showed significant team and individual improvement during the season. They also learned how to adapt during games, exemplified by a 5-1 win against a conference rival, despite being tied 1-1 at halftime. They were the only team in their conference to score two goals against the eventual conference champions.

MVP: Paul Beasley
Most Improved: Noah Snyder
Lionheart: James Beasley

Varsity Cross Country

Coached by: Samantha Libasci, assisted by Chris Doyle

Highlights: The team had by far their most successful season in recent times. Two runners, Bryson Barnett and Helena Akers received all-state recognition. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams placed 2nd in the NVIAC conference and placed 6th and 4th at the VISAA State Meet respectively. Bryson Barnett also finished in 2nd place at the VISAA State Meet.

MVP: Bryson Barnett 
Most Improved: Caleb Ruger
Lionheart: Jude Lagarde

MVP: Eileen Peppiatt 
Most Improved: Helena Akers
Joan of Arc: Gretchen Klubertanz

MS Cross Country

Coached by: Nora O’ Keefe

Highlights: The team saw massive improvement, as, by the end of the season, many of the racers would be passing runners that they struggled to beat at the beginning of the season. The team, as a whole, cut an average of four minutes off their 2-mile personal records throughout the season. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams finished 2nd place in the VMSC conference.  

Most Improved: Adam Reeves
Lionheart: Tommy Van Schaick

MVP: Bernadette Hechinger
Most Improved: Elizabeth Lynch
Joan of Arc: Isobel McFadden


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Weekly Sports Recap

February 15, 2022
By Jude Lagarde, Sports Journalist & Roland Sternfels, Sports Reporter

The Chelsea basketball teams compiled a 3-3 record last week, featuring the middle school boys' third straight VMSC Championship and a thirty-point varsity girls victory. 


Here is the rundown:

Middle School Girls: The middle school girls had a hard-fought loss against Fresta Valley in the first round of the VMSC tournament.   


Middle School Boys: The middle school boys continued their undefeated season this week, beating Mountain View on Thursday and becoming VMSC champions with a  40-32 Friday night thriller over Sacred Heart in front of a large, raucous crowd.


High School Girls: The Varsity girls won their only game this week with a dominating 30 point victory over Eukarya Christian School on Thursday.


High School Boys: Suffered two hard-fought losses with multiple injuries against Loudoun County and Eukarya Christian school. They are looking forward to those rematches coming in the near future.  


We are proud of our Knights!

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. Pray for us!

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Weekly Sports Recap

February 07, 2022
By Jude Lagarde, Sports Journalist

The Chelsea basketball teams compiled an 8-2 record last week, featuring a varsity girls’ rally, a 32-point middle school girls’ win, and the unbeaten middle school boys’ ninth straight victory. The varsity boys won two out of three games.

Here is the rundown:

Middle School Girls: The Knights improved to 6-1, starting the week with an impressive victory over Valley Thunder, winning 19-14, and continuing their winning ways for a dominating 38-6 victory against John Paul the Great Montessori Academy on Friday.

Middle School Boys: The middle school boys continued their undefeated season this week, adding their eight and ninth straight victories against Valley Thunder and John Paul the Great Montessori Academy, winning both by a margin of at least 15 points.

High School Girls: In an action-packed week, the varsity girls went 2-1. They began the week with an exciting comeback victory over Valley Thunder, falling behind 12- 3 in the first quarter, tying it at 18-18 by half, and playing a dominating second half to win 55-37. Then the varsity girls experienced a hard-fought 48-32 loss on Tuesday, against a talented Frederick Warriors roster. The team ended the week on a high note, rebounding with a 48-21 win over Holy Family Academy.

High School Boys: The varsity boys improved their season to 6-2. The team put up a strong showing in their first game of the week, beating Valley Thunder 48-38. But the Frederick Warriors showed their boys’ team was as strong as their girls, beating Chelsea 66-50. On Friday, the team traveled to Manassas, beating Holy Family Academy for a second time, 43-26. 


We are proud of our Knights!

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. Pray for us!



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Weekly Sports Recap

January 31, 2022
By Jude Lagarde, Sports Journalist

The Chelsea basketball teams compiled a 4-1 record last week, featuring a comeback, a cliff-hanger, and a varsity player joyfully getting back on the court.

Here is the rundown:

Middle school girls: The Knights improved to 4-1, starting the week with an impressive victory over Sacred Heart, coming back from an early eight-point deficit to win 33-18. Their second game proved to be a hard-fought loss, 12-15, against Fresta Valley.

Middle school boys: The middle school boys continued their undefeated season with two wins this week, starting with a nailbiter over Sacred Heart 40-38 on Monday. They finished off the week with a dominating 43-14 win against Fresta Valley, avenging the middle school girls' loss.

High school girls: After their scheduled games on Wednesday and Friday both got cancelled, the Varsity girls enjoyed a week of rest ahead of the grueling three-game week following.

High school boys: The varsity boys improved their season to 4-1 with their 81-34 romp over Dominion Ridge on Wednesday in which all eleven members of the team scored. Special shout out to John Bodoh, who was finally activated after undergoing surgery in December. John put up six points in his first game this season.

We are proud of our Knights!

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. Pray for us!



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Friday Sports Recap

January 20, 2022
By Jude Lagarde, Sports Journalist & Roland Sternfels, Sports Reporter

 Chelsea Academy enjoyed a dominating day and night of basketball last Friday night at the VIA gym, with an impressive four-game sweep of rival Holy Family Academy of Manassas.

   The Knights recorded lopsided victories at both the middle school and high school level, boys and girls.

   Amidst a plethora of standout performances, Henry and Cici Wingate received particular shoutouts. Henry had 17 points, and Cici had 19.

Here is a recap of the festive Friday:

   Middle school girls: The Knights improved to 3-1 with their lopsided 30-6 victory over Holy Family.

   Middle school boys: The middle school boys continued their undefeated season with their fifth straight win. 

   High school girls: After their first basket from Cici Wingate 20 seconds into the game, the varsity girls never looked back. With aggressive defense, effective offensive play from the starters, and strong performances from the bench, the Knights dominated Holy Family all game, winning 56-32. 

   High school boys: The varsity boys improved their season to 3-1 with their dominating win. Despite the absence of coach Mike Schuttloffel due to sickness, the Knights maintained their composure and pulled off a 21 point victory. Special thanks to AD Tommy Vanderwoude and Middle School Coach Jim Kelly for stepping in to take over the coaching duties.

We are so proud of our Knights!

Blessed Pier Giorgia Frassati. Pray for us!



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Fall Sports Recap

November 19, 2021
By Roland Sternfels, Sports Reporter & Assistant Editor; Edited by: Ms. Libasci

It was an incredible season for Chelsea's fall sports! Congratulations to all of our hard-working coaches and athletes! 


Varsity Girls Volleyball 

Coached by Mrs. Barvick, the team had a great season and made it all the way to the State Semi-Finals!

Highlights: Winning against Christendom, Fredericksburg Christian Academy & Virginia Academy. Placing 2nd in the Joust Tournament 

JV Girls Volleyball

Coached by Micaela Pennefather, JV girls finished the season strong. 

Highlights: Places 2nd in the SCC Tournament with Therese MacDougall & Elizabeth Shueckler finishing as All Conference players. 

Middle School Volleyball 

Coached by Mrs. Trent, these middle school girls grew as athletes and had a well-played season. 

Varsity Boys Soccer

Coached by Mr. VanderWoude, the varsity boys had a great season with a record of 8-3-1. 

Highlights: Scoring 3 goals in the last 15 min to win against HFA & Peter Kelly having a goal record of 39. 

Middle School Boys Soccer

Coahced by Mr. G, middle school boys made a lot of progress and played strong with a record of 7-4.

Varisty Girls & Boys Cross Country

Coached by Ms. Libasci, the Varisty XC team had an awesome season. 

Highlights: Boys team finished 15th in the State, Byrson Barnett placed 11th overall in the State, and average team pace improved by 3 minutes. 

Middle School Girls & Boys Cross Country

Coached by Mr. Lane, the Middle School team had a great season with lots of improvement. 

Highlights: Both the boys & girls team finished 2nd in the Valley Middle School Conference

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