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Technology Policy

At Chelsea Academy, we don’t have screens. We immerse our students in the beauty of God’s creation.

One of the most distinctive and significant features of a Chelsea education is our technology policy. While many schools are eager to bring the latest technology into the classroom, we recognize that the pixelated reality created by modern devices presents a unique challenge to true learning and the cultivation of virtue.

The evidence is in: Smartphones, social media, and other technological devices are addictive and corrosive to adolescent development. Furthermore, this addiction to technology is deleterious to learning, retention, and prolonged serious study. It falls to every member of the Chelsea community to create and enforce a culture where our students can be free to engage in serious study, create habits of virtue, and create meaningful friendships—all without the pressures of addictive technology that plague our modern age.

Therefore, Chelsea students may not bring cell phones, smart-watches, computers, iPods, video games, or other technology to any school function, activity or on school property. Since this is such a unique, important, and vital policy at Chelsea, violations of this policy will generally include significant disciplinary action, in addition to the device being confiscated and turned into the office for a parent to come retrieve.

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