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Please consider supporting Chelsea through Shop with Scrip!


Three Ways to Support Chelsea with ShopWithScrip:

  • Create a ShopWithScrip account and manage your own orders
    • Setting up an account is free
    • Order scrip then drop off money on Wednesdays
    • Register in PretoPay and pay for scrip immediately
    • Use the mobile app to buy and use scrip on the go
  • Place One-Time or Standing orders with us
    • Need scrip on a regular basis?
      • Set up a standing order (weekly/monthly)
    • Need scrip for a special purchase or occasion?
      • Need a $500 appliance? Get a Lowes card:     Chelsea gets 4%
      • Need a date night? Get a restaurant card:        Chelsea gets 5-15%
      • Need uniform items? Get a Land’s End card:    Chelsea gets 16%
  • Buy scrip from our Pre-Purchased Inventory
    • We have a small amount of pre-purchased inventory available - Email to inquire

You spend money with these retailers. Put that spending to work for Chelsea!