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The Chelsea Spring tradition is back, and promises to be better than ever! 

April 20, 2024  •  Chelsea Academy


“In the beginning, there was Chelsea Academy.  And it was… pretty good.  It fed our children’s souls, and stuff like that, but it lacked a cafeteria.  And Cajun cooking, clearly a necessity in this vale of tears.  Along came a couple of Louisiana idiots who knew how to cook shrimp with the best of them (maybe) who teamed up with The Pie Lady - and Shrimp Fest was born.  And it was… alright.  The cajuns saw nothing that could be improved, until their Maine friend showed them some rather large crawfish he called Lobster.  Then it was Lobster and Shrimp Fest - clearly the Premier Social and Food Event on the East Coast.  Lobster and Shrimp Fest, also called Lobsterlaya (on the Bayou), includes not just fresh cooked lobster and shrimp, but pies that are so good, they will make you want to slap your mama.  Your favorite lobster, shrimp, jambalaya, and pie chefs are back for more, and Lobsterlaya 2024 will be better than ever.”    

Lobsterlaya is brought to you by Tom and Paul Lagarde, Joe Lyons, Candice Lee van Schaick, and Luke Fier—none of whom are responsible for the contents of this advertisement! 

Cost is $125 per person.  All proceeds benefit Chelsea Academy!

For questions, please contact Emile Doak at 703-855-3112 or