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Chelsea Academy seeks to offer the highest quality education while still making it accessible for as many families as possible. Given that the tuition is not within reach of every family, Chelsea makes available financial aid on a need basis. (See the Financial Aid section for more information.)

Tuition for 2023-24

Grades K-5           $8,625

Grades 6-8           $10,750

Grades 9-12         $13,100

Families receive a $1,000 reduction for their second child, a $2,000 reduction for their third child, a $3,000 reduction for their fourth child, and a $5,200 reduction for their fifth child and beyond. 

In addition to tuition, there is a Student Fee of $500 for grades K-8 and $700 for grades 9-12, and a New Student one-time fee of $200. Families are responsible for purchasing books.  International tuition and ESL-support and homestay fees are available by calling the school.

Payment Options

Annual- Payment of entire tuition/fees due on or before August 1

Two Payment Plan- Payment of half of the entire tuition/fees in August with the remainder in January. There is a one-time $25 fee for participation in this plan. 

Ten Payment Plan- Payment of tuition/fees may be made in 10 monthly installments (August through May). There is a one time $55 fee for participation in this plan.