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*Tickets may also be purchased in the Student Life Office with cash or check. 
Chelsea Academy Formal
Saturday, April 29, 2023
5:30pm - 10:30pm 
Recognizing that different schools have different rules and policies, the rules and policies of Chelsea Academy apply to our students as well as all guests. 

The following rules will need to be followed: 
1. Dancers will conduct themselves with appropriate decorum while dancing. 
2. Cell phones may not be used at any time
3. Attendees may not leave the dance before the conclusion of the dance, unless a chaperone has spoken to a parent. This dance begins at 5:30pm and concludes at 10:30pm. Doors will close at 6pm.
4. Guests are only permitted if they are coming as the date of a Chelsea student. Guests must bring a signed permission form with them. 
5. This dance will follow the following dress code: 


-Dress pants  
-Collared shirt with tie
-Dress shoes

-Any straps, including halter straps, must be at least 1” in width. 
-All dress/skirt material must be at least knee length. *No slits above the knee and mesh/sheer fabric does not count towards dress length 
-The neckline must be a maximum of 4 finger widths from the collarbone. *Mesh/sheer fabric does not count towards neckline
-Any low-cut backs must be above bra height
-There may be no cut out portion of a dress between the knee and the shoulder. 
-Dresses may not be overly tight (no spandex like material,etc) 
*Chelsea Academy administration, faculty, staff and chaperones (i.e., Chelsea personnel) reserve the right to evaluate student attire for dances or other extracurriculars and to make judgment as to its suitability in accord with the aforementioned dress code. If in the considered opinion of the Chelsea personnel, a student does not meet the standards which the school has established, the student will be asked to change the attire or will be asked to leave the event.