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 Dear Friends,


Welcome to Chelsea Academy, the Shenandoah Valley's K-12 Catholic School! We invite you to explore our traditional Catholic liberal arts education and formation for your children. We take our name from the home of our patron, St. Thomas More--a place known for friendship, learning, and culture. St. Thomas More was a devout Catholic, husband, father, lawyer, man of letters, and creative pedagogue who articulated a philosophy of education that encourages students and scholars to

"put virtue in the first place, learning in the second; and in their studies to esteem most whatever may teach them piety towards God, charity to all, and Christian humility in themselves."

More's favorite image for education was something derived from the ancients: "the cultivation of the garden of the soul."  
At Chelsea Academy, the faculty and staff take this charge seriously, and in addition to cultivating the garden of the soul, we seek to create a "culture of the Word" where students, parents, and teachers commit to understanding the world with a sacramental vision. Our motto, Domine ut videam ("Lord, that I may see") is both a promise and a prayer, that our students see and understand everything through the Word--Jesus Christ. 
In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the historic and beautiful Shenandoah Valley, we immerse our students in the beauty of God's creation, the history of our nation, and the intentional commitment of a community of faith. Through our program of academics, friendship, faith, and adventure, your children will be brought to the truth, beauty, and goodness that is Christ and will be prepared for life in this world and the next. I invite you to explore what Chelsea has to offer and hope that you will join us in this exciting adventure of Catholic liberal arts education.
In our Lord,
John M. DeJak