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Parent Testimonials

Before our children began to attend Chelsea, my husband and I both visited the school to serve as judges for a poetry recitation competition. What struck both of us was that the students who recited classic poems by heart in front of the entire student body were admired and supported. Taking one’s studies seriously, courageously competing in front of a crowd; in this day and age students such as these are often considered “uncool” or “nerdy.” Not at Chelsea. Studying hard in a rigorous academic program, contributing to class discussion, and mentoring younger students are all considered part of ordinary life here.

One contributing factor to the lack of paralyzing self-consciousness that too often affects students today is Chelsea’s technology policy. Young people today have become so accustomed to controlling their image through social media. Presenting a carefully edited version of themselves to others, these kids then find it very difficult to be vulnerable in front of fellow students when they are in a live setting. They are often afraid to contribute, to strike up a conversation, to try something new and different — all in fear of embarrassment or failure. Chelsea’s policy not only fosters “in the flesh” interaction but encourages its families to understand the dangers posed by technology to our children’s emotional, spiritual and social lives, and for this support we are so very grateful.

Finally, my husband and I have been so appreciative of the extracurricular activities that Chelsea offers. The outdoor adventures of hiking, camping, and canoeing, the artistic experiences of Shakespearean drama at Blackfriars and the National Gallery in DC, and the opportunities to participate on sports teams and in school plays have been amazing! At a larger school, my kids might not have had the incredible opportunity to serve as team captains, or even to make an effort to improve at a skill in which they were not as confident. At a smaller school like Chelsea — a school built on a humane scale — participation is really important, and consequently, students are shown that they are needed. This “push” can go a long way toward helping them “jump in” and try something new and challenging. We cannot think of any better preparation for college — and life — than what they have received here thanks to the dedicated faculty and staff at Chelsea.

Mary and Trey Stanford, Front Royal, VA

(Parents of graduates Lucy (’19), Tommy (’21), current students Beatrice and Jimmy, and hopefully more to come!)

“The Chelsea curriculum immerses students in their cultural heritage under the guidance of challenging and encouraging teachers who convey the intrinsic value of the intellectual and imaginative life. Classroom work is complemented by extracurricular activities that allow students to explore new areas of knowledge and talents, be it performing Shakespeare plays, reciting poetry publicly, engaging in math and science fairs, or appreciating the gift of the natural world. In the process, Chelsea students can form substantive relationships with friends who nurture a commitment to excellence and a pursuit of the true, good, and beautiful. In short, Chelsea Academy offers its pupils the chance to cultivate their humanity more fully by loving learning and one another for their own sake.”

Adam Schwartz, Front Royal, VA

"The credentials and dedication of the Chelsea faculty are phenomenal; the students are happy and courteous coming from wonderful families; the sports program, house, and club activities are impressive; and the facilities, including the chapel, are beautiful. I wish I could've gone to a school like this!"

Wendy Lee, Rappahannock County, VA

"Holly has managed to step right up to Chelsea's curriculum/workload. That is a testimony not only to Holly's attitude and effort, but to the attitudes of the teachers at Chelsea and the environment that the school fosters. It is not so much that Holly is attending a school, as it is that we have joined a family . . . To sum it up: we couldn't be happier with our investment in Holly's education at Chelsea Academy!" 

Eric and Susan Anderson, Front Royal, VA

"As parents of nine children who have attended private, parochial and public schools, as well as home schooling, Chelsea Academy has been our best experience in education by far. A major reason for this, we are sure, is the excellence of the faculty, who show real care and concern for the students inside and outside of class."

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy O'Donnell, Stephens City, VA

“As parents of four current students and two alumnae, we could not be happier with our decision to send our children to Chelsea. It is a blessing to see our children growing academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. From the first day, we have felt like we were truly part of the Chelsea family, and this is most clearly represented by the deep commitment of the faculty and administration: openness to our questions and concerns, desire to put in extra effort to help students succeed, and the personalized touches, right down to the individual notes on report cards. We could not imagine life without Chelsea.”

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pilon, Front Royal, VA