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The Commonwealth of Virginia's Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits Program (EISTC) provides another way to support Chelsea Academy, and enable the school to make its Catholic liberal arts education accessible to more families. EISTC provides state tax credits for persons or businesses making monetary or marketable securities donations to approved scholarship foundations that provide financial assistance to eligible students attending eligible nonpublic schools. The tax credit is equal to 65 percent of the monetary or marketable securities donation.

Chelsea Academy qualifies as an EISTC Approved Scholarship Foundation through the Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation. Each year, a portion of Chelsea Academy's financial aid awards is supported through the EISTC program, by generous donations to the Virginia Children's Tuition Fund (CTF).

For more information about how Chelsea Academy benefits from CTF funds, or to make a gift in support of Chelsea through CTF, please contact Emile Doak, executive director of the Chelsea Academy Foundation, at or (703) 855-3112.