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Founded in 2008, Chelsea Academy is an independent school rooted in the classical liberal arts tradition and the fullness of the Catholic faith. Serving students in grades K-12, Chelsea offers an inspiring academic program, an interscholastic sports program, outdoor adventure, drama, choir, and other extracurricular opportunities. Talented, experienced teachers challenge and bring out the best in our students.

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Senior Spotlight: Anna Z.

Anna is a vivacious student who has called Chelsea her second home since 4th grade. Anna’s love for french, fitness, and food are only a few thin

Senior Spotlight: Christine S.

Chelsea’s favorite loquacious actress, Christine, came to us in 6th grade, back when the guy to girl ratio in her class was flipped, 7 boys and 4

Senior Spotlight: Brigid M.

Meet our student body Chancellor, Brigid McCarthy! Known for her thoughtfulness and charity, Brigid has spread joy throughout our school since sh

Senior Spotlight: James S.

James Schwartz, an outspoken leader in his class, has come a long way in his Chelsea adventure. He began as a member of the first-ever 4th-grade

Senior Spotlight: Ian P.

Every morning, Ian holds the door and greets passers-by with a nod and cheerful “good morning,” a job he received from Grafton Lagard

Senior Spotlight: Genevieve S.

Introducing Genevieve! Her wonderful sense of humor is inclined to make you crack a smile at any time, which only adds to her relaxed and carefre

Lagarde-Stanford for the Win!

Congratulations to Chelsea’s new Chancellor and Secretary, Jude Lagarde and Bea Stanford!  Our current leaders, Brigid McCarthy and

Senior Spotlight: Norah G.

Meet Norah! Upon her arrival in 9th grade, her friendly face often stands out amongst the class of 2022. She loves running and hiking, and her

Senior Spotlight: Ava V.S.

One of the geniuses of her class, Ava is a stellar student who tries to find a balance between her social and academic life. When she isn’t

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Shenandoah Valley's K-12 Catholic School

Forming confident young men and women to be imbued with a love of truth and armed with the tools to "read well, speak well, and think well" as they strive to discover all that is true, good and beautiful in our world. Contact us today to learn more about Chelsea, visit our school, or schedule a shadow day.