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Fall Sports Awards

December 22, 2023
By Declan Thomas

Like the beginning of this school year, fall sports seemed to fly by. Last Monday at the Fall Sports Banquet, Chelsea recognized all nine teams spanning from grades 4-12 in three sports: girls volleyball, boys soccer, and cross country. Each team made remarkable progress and had memorable season highlights, and each student athlete admirably represented the school, whether in local tournaments or state championships. Congratulations to all of our athletes and a huge thank you to the fans, parents, and especially coaches for their dedication to the athletic programs!

The team awards and season highlights are listed below:

Varsity Volleyball
Coach: Mrs. Becky Barvick 
Most Valuable Player: Greta Barvick 
St. Joan of Arc: Monica Lee 
Most Improved: Olivia Zepeda 
Highlights: the team boasted a 21-5 record and were runners-up for both conference and state tournaments. Two girls made first team all state and one made second team!

Varsity Cross Country
Coach: Miss Samantha Libasci 
Most Valuable Player: Gretchen Klubertanz 
Lionheart: Landon Barnett
St. Joan of Arc: Stevie Klubertanz 
Most Improved: Peter Cuddeback 
Highlights: Bryson Barnett was state champ by over 30 seconds. Landon Barnett, Stevie Klubertanz, and Eileen Peppiat received all-state honors. The girls team placed first in their conference and fifth in state!

Varsity Soccer
Coach: Mr. Jacob Guttierrez
Most Valuable Player: Vito Scotto di Clemente 
Lionheart: Paul Beasley 
Most Improved: Joseph Nolan 
Highlights: A fairly young and inexperienced team, the boys made it to the conference semifinals. The team they beat in the quarterfinals had beat the eventual conference champions earlier in the season.

Junior Varsity Volleyball
Coach: Mr. Josh Petersen 
Most Valuable Player: Marya Klassen 
Joan of Arc: Simone Lash 
Most Improved: Annabelle Kotulski 
Highlights: The girls were runners up in both of their tournaments.

Middle School Volleyball
Coach: Mrs. Mary Wingate 
Most Valuable Player: Malta Klassen 
St. Joan of Arc: Veronica Barvick 
Most Improved: Miriam Guttierrez 
Highlights: A team of mostly 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, one 7th grader, and one 8th grader, the girls mostly played teams stacked with 7th and 8th graders. In spite of this, they finished the season with a record of 19-3, and won second place in their conference in a 33-31 second set loss to Providence Academy.

Middle School Cross Country 
Coach: Mrs. Danielle Reeves
Most Valuable Player: Joseph Dejak 
Lionheart: Sam Barklage 
St. Joan of Arc: Elizabeth Lynch 
Most Improved: Katrina McFadden
Highlights: Everyone was able to complete a two mile run. In the conference championship meet, Joseph Dejak obtained 3rd place and every runner achieved a new personal record.

Middle School Soccer
Coach: Mr. Greg Lynch 
Most Valuable Player: Matthew Lee 
Lionheart: Frankie McCarthy 
Most Improved: Issac Fier 
Highlights: At the beginning of the season, the boys lost to Fairfax Homeschool 6-0, but they beat the same team 5-2 in the conference tournament. 

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